Bed Bugs in Single-Family Homes

Discovering bed bugs in your home would make just about anyone’s skin crawl. We often hear homeowners lament that they pride themselves on keeping a clean house. Similar to cockroaches, bed bugs appreciate clean homes and surfaces, so a bed bug infestation is not commentary on your cleanliness.

Bed bugs are sneaky and like to enter homes often on the backs, or bags, of those already stepping through your door. Do you have college-aged kids coming home for vacation? They might, unwittingly, be bringing bed bugs home on break with them, via their bags and suitcases.

Speaking of suitcases, for those professionals who travel often, bed bugs love luggage and often get from one place to another by hitching a ride as you navigate myriad cities, airports, train stations, and taxis, before finally returning home.

Increasingly, we live in a mobile and transient society. Most of us love the chance to travel and, the fact is, bed bugs are benefitting from it.

Once bed bugs get a foothold in your home, removing them can be extremely difficult, even for professionals. With JP Pest Services, you can count on thorough, complete, and safe removal of every last bed bug from your home - protecting your family and your home from these stubborn unwanted invaders.

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