Bed Bugs in Commercial Properties

For a hotel, hospital facility, or commercial property, even a single negative bed bug experience by a guest can have drastic negative consequences for your business. Don’t let bed bugs ruin your reputation - trust JP Pest Services to completely and quickly remove the infestation without ever upsetting your guests.

Bed Bugs in Businesses

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Just in case being a business owner or managing a commercial property didn’t come with enough stress, now you have to worry about the very real possibility of bed bug infestations as well.

A reality of modern society means mobility. Now, more than ever, people are traveling for both work and play, occasionally picking up some unwanted companions along the way.

Bed bugs can be introduced into businesses and commercial spaces as easily as they can residential properties. And while an infestation might pose a threat to your day-to-day operations or profit margins, the good news is that a professional pest management solution can provide quick and effective remediation.

Bed Bugs in Hotels

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When it comes to bed bugs and your business, the hospitality industry is especially vulnerable to the effects of infestations. Your reputation supports your bottom line. A bad review or any online comment with a basis in bed bugs can result in canceled bookings and reservations that are never made in the first place.

Despite what we know about bed bug infestations and how they can occur, the general public might equate a bed bug issue with poor standards, regarding hygiene and the overall cleanliness of your facilities.

When people travel, whether for business or pleasure, they want to stay somewhere that blends the familiarity and comfort of home with a higher standard of luxury and convenience. bed bugs stand in the way of both.

The greatest challenge with respect to battling bed bugs in your industry is inherent in the very basis of how these pests and your business thrive. Travel. Without travel, there would be no need for hotels, and without visitors coming and going between your establishment and others, bed bugs wouldn’t pose such an invasive threat.

So, what can you do to protect your property, while ensuring customer satisfaction and building a loyal client base?

A proactive approach is your secret weapon. Sure, you can and will need to call on professional pest control services in the event of a bed bug infestation. But, why not mitigate the damage, to your guests and your brand’s reputation, by preventing bed bugs from ever checking in, in the first place?

Simply by enlisting the support and expertise of professional pest control services before there is ever the report -- or even rumor -- of bed bugs on site. Preventive pest control applications prove beneficial in keeping bed bugs at bay, bringing more guests to your door, and boosting your bottom line.

Bed Bugs in Rental Properties

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Owning a rental property is at once exciting and, at times, exhausting. Naturally, a big point of pride concerns the general upkeep and presentation of your home as a means to attract renters and turn a profit.

But, what happens if a two-week rental results in rooms full of bed bugs? Obviously, before you can even think of re-renting your property to future guests, you need to remediate the pest problem. This could prove particularly problematic if your bed bug issue rears its ugly little head at the height of tourist season wherever your rental is located.

Financially, you’ll find yourself in the path of a double-edge sword -- risking rental property income and incurring the cost of eradicating the bed bugs from the space itself, simultaneously.

But, should you be held responsible for footing the bill for a professional pest control service? What if your renters inadvertently unpacked a bevy of bed bugs when they unpacked their bags?

Depending on where your rental property is located, you might have some recourse. More than likely, you’ll be expected to pay for professional bed bug remediation up front; however, if your renters are determined responsible for introducing some unwanted guests into your property, they will be expected to submit at least partial payment for the pest service.

When it comes to both your rights as a rental property owner and the rights of your renters, be sure to check the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website, regarding current laws and regulations, specific to your state:

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