Bed Bugs in Multi-Family Properties

Bed bugs can readily move from different locations, quickly spreading infestations across multiple bedrooms, apartments, and hotel units. If they’ve entered even one part of your multi-family residence, they may soon spread everywhere. With JP Pest Services, you can take control of the situation before a single bed bug problem becomes a full-blown infestation.


For landlords who reside in one unit of the multi-family property, managing all of the units and keeping a close watch on the health of the building is critical. In most states, regardless of how the bed bugs were introduced onto your property, you will be responsible for eradicating them, professionally. It’s difficult to prove that a tenant in another unit brought bed bugs into the building; however, since you are physically on the property, you might observe the comings and goings of people, pets, or even wildlife, coming and going in or near the property. Perhaps you have tenants who travel often for work, and are at higher risk of bringing bed bugs home from their travels and hotel stays. No matter the cause, your presence on the property puts you at an advantageous state to address any issues before they become infestations. But, bear in mind, no matter who is at fault, you will more than likely be expected to pay the total amount for professional pest control.

Tenant Only

If you rent every unit of your multi-family property to tenants and do not reside in the building yourself, you might have a harder time keeping on top of bed bug problems. Of course, this is especially true if you live outside of the state where your rental property is located. Granted, even if you are on site, or supported by a property manager, establishing who is responsible for introducing bed bugs onto a property is tricky business. In most cases, regardless of who is at fault, you, as the landlord, will be expected to cover the completes cost of a professional pest control service.

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